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Water Purification System

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The filtration system includes passage of water or other solvents through a semi-permeable membrane.  The process filters out all sorts of contaminants such as ions, pesticides, micro-organisms and other chemicals from water. This filtration process is one among the most effective methods of water purification.

Ultrapure water purification system
Lab water purification system
Laboratory water purification system
Water purification system laboratory.

Water Purification System (Type I II & III)

MODEL: ULTRA-Q (Registered)


LCD/LED Digital Display for online monitoring of Water Conductivity/Resistivity,

Temperature, On Line TOC & UV etc.

The system produces Type I & Type II grade water directly from DM/RO/Raw Water in single unit.

The Final treated water is suitable for AAS/GC/HPLC/LCMS/GCMS/ICP-MS and molecular Biology & Media/Buffer Preparation/ Tissue culture/DNA.

* Feed Waters: DM/RO/Raw Water

* Water Source: Potable water

* Conductivity: 2000 micro siemens/cm

* Free Chlorine: <3ppm

* Foulin index: < 10

Pretreatment System


In the pretreatment Unit, water is passed through the Three stage.

Prefilter Cartridge of 05 micron with housing to remove the Particulates.

Activated Carbon Cartridge with housing to remove the dissolved gases and chlorine.

Thread Cartridge of 1 micron with housing to remove the particles and hardness.

Automatic low/high pressure cut off

Solent Valve for controlling Type 2 Water


High flux thin film composite polyamide RO membrane with 94-99% rejection.

The system consists of spirally wounded TFC Polyamide long life RO membrane with pressure polyethylene tubing and polypropylene (PP) connectors.

The RO is safeguarded against scaling by use of anti-scaling compound before RO

membrane to give Type-II water and stored in the Storage tank suitable for Preparation of media/buffer normal analytical work The RO membrane is provided with Auto flushing with timer program to avoid biofilm growth on the membrane. RO Module is fitted with a sanitization port for Cleaning and disaffecting the system automatically.

RO flow Rate: 10 Ltr/Hr

Silicate Rejection: > 99%

Water Resistivity: 15 Mega ohm-cm at 25C

Feed Water Pressure: 0.5 to 1.5kg

Deionization: Mixed Bed Resins Based/EDI

Booster Pump: Low Noise level booster pump, solenoid valves with constant product flow rate 100 GDP

Storage Tank

The system will be Synchronized with 50/100/200 Liter PP/PE/HDPE Storage Tank fitted with Level control switch to make it ON/OFF automatically according to water level in the tank with circulation loop of purified water and air vent hydrophobic filter 0.22um is provided to avoid any contamination from entering the tank.

Type I Ultra-Pure Water

The RO membrane is followed by nuclear grade Mixed Bed Resins to give the product of

following specification.

Silicate rejection: >99%

Maintain PH: 6-7

Booster pump Feed Water Pressure: 0.5 to 1.5kg

UV 254nm UV light to reduce the TOC

Bacterial count: <0.1 cfu/ml

TOC: <3ppb

Particulates(>0.22um): <1/ml

UF Membrane (NMWL/MWCO): 5000

ultrafiltration Cartridge 5000NMWL better than 13000 Dalton cutoff and LRV is (5.0 and

8.0) also better than the (5.6 and 7.65) to give the Pyrogen free and RNAse/DNAse free water.

Endotoxins/Pyr ogens (EU/ml): <0.001

Pyrogen Levels: (EU/mL): <0.001

Rnase (ng/ml): <0.01

Dnase (pg/ul): <0.4

Bacteria: <1 CFU/100 ml

Particulates(size>0.22μm): <1/mL

Sodium (ppb): <1

Chloride (ppb): <1

Total Silica (ppb): <3

Conductivity Cell: Coaxial, Cell Constant K=0.01/1.0

Conductivity: 0.050uS/cm

Water Resistivity: 18.2 Mega ohm-cm at 25C

End Point Filter: 0.22micr on (EF A 260cm)

Product Output Flow: 300ml to 1000ml/Min

Water delivers ultra-pure by point of use dispenser with flexible dispenser, volumetric dispensing and auto shut off facility. 

  • IQ, OQ ,PQ & DQ of instrument along with document to be Provided &
    supplier to assist till satisfactory as per customer requirement.
  • The company provides calibration certificates from NABL accredited agencies.
  • Validation of Instrument to be provided by our company.
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